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Our laboratory has a 10,000-level cleanliness experimental area, and all kinds of related experimental equipment are complete

  • Configured instrument

    Biological safety cabinet, ultra-clean workbench, electric heating constant temperature drying box, electric heating constant temperature water bath, high pressure steam sterilization pot, biochemical incubator, purified water equipment, microscope, pH meter, conductivity meter, electronic analytical balance, high pressure water resistance test Various analytical instruments and equipment, such as instrument, leakage and sealing tester, intelligent electronic tensile testing machine, meteorological chromatograph, etc.

  • Services that can be provided

    Meet the needs of medical device bioburden, sterility testing, residue testing and related chemical testing.

  • Other related tests

    Laboratory also has a material test room, which tests the hydrostatic pressure resistance of materials, tests the leakage and sealing strength of packaging bags and packaging containers, and tests the tensile strength, peeling force, tear strength, breaking strength, elongation and Various tests such as elongation can timely detect the performance of sterilized products and the quality of packaging. The complete facilities and equipment of the laboratory and the professional technical team can ensure the safety and effectiveness of the quality of sterilized products.

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