Is ethylene oxide sterilized gauze safe?

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Is ethylene oxide sterilized gauze safe?

Answer: safe and hygienic. The gauze sterilized with ethylene oxide is not only safe, but also fully compliant with national standards. According to the GB 18280 "Sterilization Radiation of Medical and Health Products" series standards issued by the National Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of the People's Republic of China, GB 18279 "Ethylene Oxide Sterilization of Medical and Health Products" series standards and GB/T 16886.7 "Medical Device Biology" Evaluation Part 7: Residual Ethylene Oxide Sterilization" and other relevant standards, which stipulate that if ethylene oxide is used for sterilization, after two weeks of storage, the residual ethylene oxide should not exceed 10mg/kg .

Why is the gauze sterilized with ethylene oxide?

Ethylene oxide sterilization is the disinfection and sterilization of items, which can kill several kinds of microorganisms. It is more hygienic and healthy for medical equipment products that are in direct contact with human tissues and blood, and is more safe to use. Since the gauze sheet is in direct contact with wounds and blood, the use of ethylene oxide sterilized gauze sheet is more healthy and sanitary, and it is safer to use.

What are the precautions for using ethylene oxide sterilized gauze?

Sterilized products can be used directly, and it is forbidden to use ordinary gauze directly after the package is damaged. It must be used after sterilization;

It is forbidden to use when the product properties change (moisture absorption, yellowing, mildew);

This product is a one-time product and cannot be reused;

The use should be prohibited when the validity period has expired